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Marko Josipović - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Production Instructor

Was born in 1978 in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. Graduated from the musical high school Glazbena škola “Vatroslav Lisinski” in Zagreb as a trombonist. For more than 2 years after that he was leaded by a talented Croatian guitarist Miroslav Dominić which taught him guitar and musical composition and generally gave him a good musical education. At about 16 years old he started to play with his friends in a metal band and after this he created his first band called “MAZ”, which played instrumental rock music. From that moment music became for him the only thing which has sense and it is so until now.

- performed on huge stages with popular musicians as a guitarist, bass guitarist, trombonist and drummer (cooperation with Eumir Deodato - the Grammy winner)
- composed and arranged many songs for musicians, commercials, films (music for the commercial of the company “Police”, music for the Croatian film “Zagorka”, the official hymn for the 7th European transplant & dialysis sport games, etc).
- built his own recording studio and worked as a sound producer there.
- recorded and produced many many musicians.
- started to teach guitar since he started to play guitar.
- has great teaching experience of bass guitar, composition, music production, musical arrangement.

Marko Josipović about guitar, bass guitar, music production courses:

Teaching music is a great pleasure! While teaching other people, you teach yourself! Difference between the classical and our approach of teaching is that we don't push and we always say that we are not here to teach you but to transmit or give necessary information. All learning, unfortunately :), you should do yourself. We are here just to provide the best and the easiest way in your process of learning.

Anastasia Josipović - Vocal Instructor

Was born in 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. For 9 years during her school time she was the singer and actress of the St. Petersburg Theatre for youth “Rozigrish”. She took a course of vocal from the professor of the Music academy of Mussorgsky Natalya Artemyeva. She also took a course of Jazz dance from the ballet masters of University of Culture and Art of Krupskaya Maria Ayzina. Also she took courses of acting and speech techniquefrom the actor and theatre director Anna Levadnaya.

- performed on huge stages with popular musicians as a singer and bass player.
- arranged many songs for musicians.
- is a singer and bass player in Comarana now.

Anastasia Josipović about vocal course:

Singing is probably the most expressive art! Because you use your natural instrument, your own emotions and mood. The song goes from inside of you, from your soul, and it means that you can rule this powerful tool to influence emotions of other people, their thoughts and even to change their lives! My approach to vocal training is that voice should always sound natural. It can be screaming or low, almost whispering singing, but still it should sound natural. Because singing is enjoyment and this enjoyment should be inside the singer so the audience can also fell it! Of course a voice and ear should be trained! But this should go gradually, without pushing a voice to do what it's not ready to do now. So on my course of vocal you will first of all learn to sing songs which you really like, gradually developing your vocal skills. You will also learn how to work as a singer in sound recording studio and on the stage! I will show you the way not only to sing good, but to express yourself in your own way. So every singing experience is just enjoyment and the boom of self expression!

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