Bass Guitar

Bass guitar

Bass guitar is guitar with low bass strings. It produces low frequencies and creates a beautiful contrast with other non bass instruments. Bass guitar is used in all kinds of music and can produce great variety of different sound colours! Nowadays there are two primary types of bass guitar: acoustic bass guitar and electric bass guitar. Acoustic bass guitar produces warm and natural sound as soon as it's close to acoustic guitar by structure. But if acoustic guitar is hearable for a small audience with out additional microphoning, acoustic bass guitar should be microphoned. Electric bass guitar is probably the most popular among modern musicians. It can have powerful and deep bass vibrating sounds or calm, warm, even sad character. You will explore great opportunities in playing bass guitar and applying to it different sounds and techniques in our courses lead by a real bass pro playing on huge stages for all his life!

Bass guitar has a very important role in music because it adds low frequencies to the musical composition making it complete and stable. It supports music and harmonies and helps other musicians in the band not to be lost during the song. It also supports groove and rhythm of the song. That is why good playing of bass guitar and drums together is very important not only for stability of music but for its beauty and float. Modern bass guitar often changes its supportive role to soloing role. Some musicians even prefer bass guitar solos to guitar solos. But after solo there is again groove which should be supported by bass guitar. So a bass guitarist should be able to know many stuff to play this instruments good in different roles!

There are also different techniques of bass guitar playing. Traditional way is to use 2 (or 3) fingers of left hand to strike the string. Another technique is "slap". It's a relatively young technique but already very popular. A bass guitarist strikes the string with thumb of his left hand and gets more metal, funky and sharp sound. Though this technique is nothing without good understanding of primary bass guitar role in music and musical harmonies. All these you will learn in our bass guitar classes through the program made just for you!

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