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Description of the course

For now the following courses are available on Russian, English and Croatian languages:
- Guitar
- Bass guitar
- Vocals
- Music production

No matter what course you chose, you will get:

- Your personal instructor! Really great musician in many ways. We provide individual (not group) classes so your instructor will concentrate only on you. You can ask as many question as you want, you can send messages, you can call - he/she will always help you! So it's not a typical teacher, it's an instructor which leads you through the course and through your musical life!

- Your personal musical development program! On the first lesson you need to tell us what skills you want to develop and why. Your personal instructor will assess your natural talents and opportunities and will build the following program in correspondence with it!

- Fast and seeable progress! We guarantee that already in 6 month you will archive great result and will be able to do many things in music ONLY IF YOU FOLLOW OUR RECOMMENDATIONS EVERY SINGLE LESSON! We will not push you to develop yourself. We will just show you the best way to do it! So if you really want to learn something - You will. If not - then better think one more if you really need it.

- Recordings in sound recording studio! In the end of every month you will have the opportunity to record what you've learnt in the professional sound recording studio! So already after the first month you will have your own musical track to share with your friends, parents, colleges, etc. Like that you will always be able to see, hear and estimate your progress!

- Often life performances! When you are ready to show your talent, your instructor will present you to the audience on a real concert! You will perform life, experiencing something very special which you can fell only on the stage! This activity will also help you to be more open to other people in real life, will help you not to be a slave of your complexes and to enjoy life even if you make mistakes!

- REALLY GOOD PRICE! PAY 1 TIME FOR A MONTH SESSION: 4 lesson (1 per week) + 1 sound recording session in the end of every month + 1 life performance = ONLY 60 EUR!!!

What we provide on any course you chose:

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