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Guitar is one of the most multifunctional instruments in the world. You can find lots of different musical instruments in different countries which are similar to guitar by the structure and sound, but in all these countries there is a big percentage of people (if not majority) who chose guitar. The reason is that guitar can sound really differently: mild and jazzy, mystical and atmospheric, strong and rock, sharp and groove and many other. So if you chose to start to play guitar we can assure you that this one instrument will bring you enormous amount of different sounds, characters and music! The are different types of guitar but by knowing to play THE GUITAR you can easily apply your skills to any guitar and even other string instruments. If you still don't know what guitar to start with, read the following info and apply for our course of guitar where your personal instructor will help you with every single question you have and will lead you through the course made just for you, so very soon you will find yourself on the stage playing this great instrument and saying "WOW, this GUITAR is really COOL!"

Classical guitar

Classical guitar is the starting point in learning guitar in traditional educational approach. 3 high strings of this instrument are made of nylon while all string of all other guitar types are primarily steal. That is why classical guitar can produce special warm sound which is great for classical and ethnic music. But this guitar can be played in any other musical genre where warm guitar sound is suitable.

Acoustic guitar

In comparison with classical guitar acoustic guitar has all strings steal. It can produce much sharpen and louder notes so its used very often in all kinds of music and can have different function: to hold the rhythm of the song (to be a rhythm guitar), to be a soloing instrument (to be a solo guitar) or even the only instrument in the musical composition!

Electric guitar

Electric guitar is probably the most popular type of guitar nowadays. Sound range of this instrument is enormous thanks to the modern technology, when a musician can choose a specific sound using special PC software or a guitar pedal. This guitar uses a special system of pick ups which recognize the pure guitar sound and transfer it to the electric signal transmitted by the amplifier. This all gives a really great possibilities of getting different sounds and effects out of your guitar! Though remember that good guitar playing skills are already more then enough for the great show!

Bass guitar

Bass guitar is guitar which have bass strings, they are lower and thicker then guitar strings. Bass guitar has a very special role in the music that is why we made a specific bass guitar course (more info is here). Bass guitar is the foundation of music and its heart beat. But today the traditional role of this instrument is changing. If before up right bass and bass guitar supported music and its harmonies, today you can see bass guitar becoming often a soloing instrument! Bass guitar is used in all musical genres without exception. So a good bass player is always wanted!

Guitar course

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