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Every day you hear different music on TV, radio, Walkmann and other. And you probably notice that the great amount of this music has some vocal lines. Singing a song means to give it meaning through lyrics and singing character! That is why good singers are always precious for the band which plays SONGS. Often it seems that singer is the star, the leader and the most important musician in the band because he or she takes the biggest part of attention from the audience and the biggest popularity. This is partly true, though vocalist without a good band is like a diamond without a ring. All these and many more you will learn on our vocal course with your personal instructor, who will lead you through the course and even present you to the audience on a real concert!

Voice is your personal instrument which is always with you gave to you by the nature! There are people who are already born with interesting voice and good ear. But if you think that you are not one of such people, don't get upsad! As any other instrument, voice and ear can be practised and trained. Just be stubborn in doing what you want and like to do and one day you will succeed!

Singing also helps to learn to play other instruments easier! You will always hear a wrong note without applying musical logic! Singing develops general musical understanding and "musicality" of a person! So maybe in some time you will be interested in learning some second instrument and you will do it easier because you already have great musical experience in singing!

Vocal Course

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